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Inspired by the Green Bay Packers Versus Dallas Ice Bowl

What if you could re-live your favorite Green Bay Football game memory? You can. The legends live on in the suspenseful novel Over Time. Money, Love, and Football: All the important things in life.

Over Time

Over Time

A story of lost loves, found glory, and business treachery, by Brian Hill and Dee Power. Javelina House Publishing, ISBN 0974075418

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David Birnbaum’s Summa Metaphysica demonstrates the strive to achieve our maximum potential, much like the characters in Over Time.

Time is running out for Dan to save the business that took his family sixty years to build. Kelly’s lifework crumbles around her. Mike thinks he’ll always be the guy watching the world from the sidelines. Mark dies just when his dream of playing football for the Green Bay Football Team seemed within reach.

Then a letter lost for twenty years arrives and sends the game of life into overtime. It all comes down to a desperate financial gamble, a Green Bay football game for the ages, and the emotional reunion of four friends who could not be separated by time, distance or even death. All this “team” needed was a little more time than reality normally grants us.

Reviews about Over Time, a novel about Green Bay Football

Mark Meisenheimer of KCCI TV Sports says “Over Time truly gives the reader an understanding of the passion people feel for the Green Bay Packers.”

Green Bay Press Gazette says:
Packers fans and Green Bay natives are going to love Over Time.

In a perfect world, novels would cater to both football-loving men and women who love to read romantic thrillers. Over Time does both.

Nancy Lind, Professor – University of Illinois, says: Every Packer fan should read this book.

Golfers have Bagger Vance , baseball fans have Field of Dreams. Now football fans have a book they can call their own: Over Time But there’s more to OverTime than football, even great football.

Vince Prygoski – Librarian, University of Michigan, Flint “Over Time” has the one great quality of all good thriller novels, and that is that once you start reading it you do not want to stop until you are done reading it.

If you always thought your college years were your best years, you’ll enjoy Over Time . If you like romantic mysteries that reach slightly beyond reality you should read Over Time . And of course Over Time makes a great gift for any NFL TM fan.

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More about Over Time

A letter travels twenty years and thousands of miles to reach its intended recipient: Dan Wilson, president of his family’s multimillion-dollar business in Phoenix, Arizona. Dan is known for his impulsive, risk taking management style, which is often tempered by his beautiful, cautious chief financial officer, Charlotte Ann “Charlie” Travis.

The letter is from Dan’s great friend, Mark Reid, who played college football with Dan and died in a car accident just after realizing his dream of becoming a Green Bay Packers TM pro football player and playing in a Green Bay Game. Mark’s friends never understood why he seemed to be driving away from training camp the night he died. The letter reminds Dan of the pledge Dan, Mark and two other friends made to have a twenty-year reunion. Mark was engaged to Kelly McCluskey, the team’s head cheerleader, who is now struggling to save a charitable organization she started in his memory. The other friend is Mike Thornton, hilarious jokester in college, the complete opposite of a jock, now a bright attorney who still wishes he could have been part of Dan and Mark’s football glory. At the reunion Dan finds that his “team” from college, though separated by time, distance and even death, is still very much together.

Dan, pressured by a series of seemingly unrelated negative events that effect his company, Wilson Industries, and the contemplated acquisition of a Cable TV network, is lured into a trap set by Gerald Krauss, who invests in and then cannibalizes companies, a true ‘vulture capitalist’. It seems inevitable that Krauss will take over and dismantle Wilson Industries.

The acquisition of the Cable TV network is a risky deal as the network is incurring huge losses. But it has the rights to broadcast several NFL TM games, including a Green Bay Game between the Green Bay Packers TM and the Dallas Boys, during which there will be a reunion of the Packers’ TM 1966 Green Bay Packers Game Championship Team.

Dan, Mike, Kelly and Charlie must find a way to turn the broadcast of that one NFL TM game into a national blockbuster with Super Bowl-like ratings. It all comes down to game day and the greatest Green Bay Packer TM who never played a game.

Over Time is dedicated to all the people who can close their eyes at night and still see, with absolute clarity, that incredible game, that impossible victory from long ago -and most importantly, still see the athlete who plays forever in our dreams.

The authors are especially grateful that a football legend did indeed visit our favorite sports bar in Phoenix, Arizona, the Red Onion Lounge, on September 17, 1995, and signed autographs for every person there. We all agreed he looked as though he had at least one great game left in him -perhaps even if it went into overtime.

And thanks to our fathers, Owen L. Hill and Harry D. Power, who viewed writing as an exciting and worthwhile endeavor.

The events and characters depicted in Over Time are entirely fictional. Relive this phenomenal Green Bay Game

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So for now, I will be concluding Over Time The Novel with a final chapter that should be finished and released within the next 2 months. After that, I will be dedicating all my attention to documenting the progress of Blue Portal.