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Reviews of Over Time

"Brian Hill and Dee Power have done a remarkable job on their first fiction work together. The book had me captivated from the first chapter on. They artistically bring together the varied characters in a background of friendship, football and corporate takeovers that holds the readers attention and won't let go.

"In the midst of all this is our main character, Dan Wilson, whose company is facing a hostile takeover by a corporate scavenger. As the central plot that weaves the story together the struggles of the family corporation with heart against the corporate mogul is a definite hit. It makes you eager to keep turning the pages to see what will happen next and if our 'hero' can rise above the circumstances stacked against him.

"If you are football fan or simply enjoy a well written story then Over Time is the book for you. Make sure you get a copy. It will be money well spent on a book you won't soon forget." �

Margaret Chapman, reviewer for

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"Over Time immerses the reader in the worlds of technology, business and finance, sports and professional and personal relationships that develop as a result of success. It's a warm and intriguing read - highly recommended!"

Mark Shander, radio personality

"The culmination of the main characters� struggle is reflected in the game between Dallas and Green Bay. It is a suspenseful, colorful and beautiful narration.

"This is not just a romantic financial thriller. It is a paean to the Green Bay Packers. No football fan should miss the accounts of their history, their players their traditions. The loyalty of the Green Bay fans through good times and bad is steadfast. The accounts of the football games are graphic, and well done, with the reader able to picture the action.

"The machinations and deviousness of the takeover firm are well presented and chilling in their implications.

"The characters are well developed: the devotion and the frustrations of Kelly; the perseverance of Charlie to gain financial help; the bond among the four college friends; the dedication of Dan to his family's tradition and the company employees; the mental anguish of Coach Denton in trying to shape his team.

"This is a well constructed plot with something for everyone: romance, financial maneuvering, and a terrific football story."

Barbara Buhrer Reviewer for and

�"Over Time" truly gives the reader an understanding of the passion people feel for the Green Bay Packers. � The ideals and tradition of the team are symbolically represented by Dan Wilson and his family-run business. �Like the Packers, who in some ways are forced to play on an uneven field with other teams, Wilson and his longtime friends who run the company fight the big bucks and deep pockets of corporate America. They seek success on a higher playing ground, hoping to fulfill their dreams without selling their souls. �The fate of Wilson's company and the Packers inevitably intertwine and mirror one another in this story which mixes romance and thrilling action. � "Over Time" shows that the path to truth in one's life can begin by looking to the past, whether that's the tradition of one of the most storied teams in the NFL, or in a 20-year-old letter, written by a deceased �and beloved friend."

Mark Meisenheimer-KCCI Sports

Order Now! Only $9.95 which includes shipping and handling. You don't need a Paypal account to use your credit card.

"Over Time is wonderful stuff! The authors create a setting well, and describe things, even little things, with great detail. There is a passion in their writing that should prove well for them."

Mark W. Shafer, Manchester NH, Packers fan for life

"Over Time is a fun read, a fast moving book about Green Bay Packer football and about life. The story begins and ends with a dream, the first shattered and the second fulfilled.

"Over Time is partially a love story between friends once lost but now together again and partially a tale of teamwork as the means to success. The power of sticking together as a team and the power of fans to reinvigorate their legendary team demonstrated how success is a product of �finding your way through the darkness and onto a team.� Everyone in the book is given a second chance, to play their life in Over Time, to see how legends are made. Every Packer fan must read this book as well as others interested in understanding how teamwork helps the business world succeed."

Nancy Lind, Professor, University of Illinois

"As a lifelong Green Bay Packer fan, I was expecting to enjoy reading this novel. I must say that it very much exceeds my expectations, and I would have enjoyed it even if it had not had sports as part of the plot, or even if the "good guys" were Chicago Bears loyalists. "Over Time" has the one great quality of all good thriller novels, and that is that once you start reading it you do not want to stop until you are done reading it.

"Hill and Power do a great job of weaving together several seemingly different storylines into one exciting tale. There is the business drama of Wilson Industries, a family-owned company where the employees are treated like family and not like mere "numbers." The company is threatened by the sleazy, greedy Gerry Krauss, who reminds one of a much heavier version of Montgomery Burns, the owner of the nuclear power plant on "the Simpsons." There is the story of Kelly, struggling for years to overcome the tragic death of her college sweetheart, a football player who had a tryout with the Packers. And, finally, there is the football. Not just any football, Green Bay Packer football. The "present day" players and coach are given fictional names, although it is interesting to speculate who they may have been based on (is "Coach Denton" possibly based on Forrest Gregg? The veteran quarterback on Lynn Dickey? The rookie QB, nicknamed "Wildass," could be either Don Majkowski or Brett Favre in his early days as a Packer?) The legends of the Lombardi years are mentioned by their real names, and play a very important role in the story.

"You do not have to be a football fan, or an advocate of socially responsible business, to get a kick out of this book. If you do happen to be either of those, or both as I am, you will especially like "Over Time." I look forward to more Packer-related novels from this talented writing team."

Vince Prygoski Librarian University of Michigan, Flint

It all starts with a letter, from the local college football hero receiver, Mark Reid, who died in a car accident the day after it was mailed, to his best friend and quarter back of the college team, Dan Wilson.

This letter appeared to have a determination to reach its destination despite a series of mishaps along the way.

Twenty years later, covered in mud and tattered it finally reached Dan, who now was CEO of a family conglomeration of businesses that he has developed into a thriving multi-million dollar business. His success was due to his business savvy, with the same calculated risks he had used when playing football, and the fact he treated his employees as family and part of his team.

His Chief financial officer, Charlie (Charlotte Anne) Travis was a quiet, controlled woman with a high-wattage determination that made every one else concentrate a little harder to keep up with her. She was not only brilliant, she was also beautiful, loyal and in love with Dan.

Dan's best friend and company lawyer, Mike Thornton, who always felt he was an observer from the sidelines. The one who made every one laugh and that helpful guy that everyone relies on. He was their comic relief and loyal to his friends, but he also carried a secret for twenty years. He had always been in love with Kelly McCluskey, Mark's fianc�e.

Kelly McCluskey had carried guilt around with her for 20 years. She felt she had pushed Mark too hard to get married, and he�d been running from her the night he died. Kelly had dedicated her life to making sure he was remembered with the Mark Reid Memorial Fund that funded the charitable foundation called Second Life which assisted the jobless, the homeless and the hopeless to rebuild their lives, where she served as director. � �

Enter into this combination of characters, the odious Gerald Krauss, a ruthless venture capitalist, and the repugnant Terrance Ward, head of an investment-banking firm who sniffs out companies in potential trouble and that ripe for a bit of industrial sabotage, and take over.

Terrance looked for people in companies he could use as spies. He felt that the key motives to sniffing out his spies, were greed, fear, resentment and personal financial difficulties. If any employee had at least two of these characteristics they made wonderful spies, and now we meet, the underhanded Stuart Trent, the new VP of marketing of Dan�s company.

Throw in the coach of the Green bay packers, Errol "Brick" Denton, struggling to get his team to understand they weren't playing for the big money but also for the pride of the team's heritage and the need for them to play with their hearts not for their wallets. His struggle to make his team winners because not only is his job on the line but also his love of the Packers, since he played for them 20 years ago.

The letter answers some unanswered questions and bonds the friends again as they were before Mark�s death, and now Dan and his team must fight for his company. Dan had learned in his life that "Defeat is a temporary thing, but they let you keep the victories forever, perhaps more importantly, they let you keep the teammates you played with."

A story of enduring, loving friendships which can stand the test of time, and the simple truth, that when you have your friends you can beat all odds and become an unstoppable force.

It is also about the dreams and one last chance when you are willing to take the risks to play just one more time.

The characters are all strong and well defined, and as you come to understand the driving force of each of them, you will experience their heartaches, anger, joy and love as you ride with them through their toughest game of all, called life.

This book is written in sports vernacular that adds to the story rather than distracts from it; considering that even for those like myself, who do not follow sports, will be turning the pages quickly to find out what happens next and will become totally enmeshed with the this story.

There are many twists and turns, and some very interesting and humorous surprises that will have you believing in your own dreams again, even if it�s only while you are reading the story.

This is a must read book. It is fast paced, stimulating and a real page-turner, that has something in it for every one. OVER TIME also shows you a hint of nostalgia of the better times, when we were all innocent and believed in team spirit, fair play, and that dreams do come true.

This is the first fiction book from the duo team of Brian Hill and Dee power; I look forward to reading more from these two.

Reviewed by Sandra Tibbetts,

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